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A Nile Adventure
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A Nile Adventure - cruising and other stories



Nile Cruise Guide
by Kim Molyneaux
A Nile Cruise Guide
In this book, you'll find all the information I wish I had known about Nile cruises before our trip in 2011

During my research before our journey, I was overwhelmed with fascinating stories about ancient Egypt and couldn’t wait to jump in, but where was all the practical information specific to a cruise? Why couldn’t I find everything I wanted to know all together in one place? Wouldn’t it be great to find descriptions of all the monuments and an idea of what to expect on board easily?!
So here it is! All the information all together in one convenient book.

  • The light-hearted story of our journey and adventures to the wonderful world of ancient and modern Egypt
  • Tips concerning key aspects of the trip
  • Brief, simple and easy-to-digest histories of the temples and monuments we visited: Kom Ombo Temple, Philae Temple, Edfu Temple, The Valleys of the Kings and Queens, Habu Temple,The Colossi of Memnon, Karnak Complex, Luxor Temple  and Aswan
  • Details and descriptions of optional excursions
  • On board and hotel menus to whet your appetite
  • All about the all-inclusive hotel and its facilities in Hurghada (Titanic Beach)
  • Packed full of colour photographs of the whole experience

"I’m absolutely stunned by her accuracy. Kim has described the whole Nile experience and the trip to Hurghada superbly and her dry wit comes across in buckets full. Furthermore, Kim managed to absorb all the factual information that our guide was spilling out at a rapid rate of knots! She has also taken some extraordinary photographs; her clean, sharp images jump out at you from the page."

Wendy E Rose

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If you are thinking of taking a Nile cruise, this book is a must!

Reviews on Amazon


5.0 out of 5 stars Global Girl, 26 Mar 2012
This is a lovely book! The photos are exquisite and the text takes the reader along the Nile adventure with this family. It is both informative and entertaining. It certainly speaks well for booking a Nile cruise myself, however I already have the feeling I've been there with the author! For anyone with an interest in Eqypt and the Nile, this book is a must read and a must see!


5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent Book, 7 Mar 2012
A very well written and informative book, especially for anyone like myself who is due to go on a Nile Cruise in the near future.
It is a shame that the kindle format spoils the layout of pictures, but it is something that I can live with.
5.0 out of 5 stars Refreshing, 16 Oct 2011
I've always wanted to go to Egypt and see, amongst its many treasures, the temples of Luxor. But, in spite of lure of the mysteries and magic of the country, the unknown held me back. Until I stumbled upon this book! I loved the storytelling theme, taking you right there where you can feel the warmth of the sun on your skin, the sights and smells all coming to life. Now, armed with everything I need to know, all doubts are pushed aside and I'm ready for my own adventure on the Nile!


A Nile Adventure - cruising and other stories